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Carroll County Board of DD Offices
P.O. Box 429, 540 High Street NW, Carrollton, Ohio 44615
Fax: 330-627-6115
Emergency Pager Number: 1 800-240-6733
The Carroll County Board of DD (CCBDD) utilizes a pager notification and voice message system for emergencies. This pager system is available 24 hours per day 7 days per week.
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Service & Support Administrators
Service and Support Administrators (S.S.A.), formerly known as case managers, remain a resource to help individuals decide their wants and needs and to help build supports to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and to monitor for health and safety. The S.S.A. is as an advocate for an individual with developmental disabilities but also may work with family members in helping to establish guardianship or other important issues.


Matt Campbell - Superintendant, Service & Supports Director 
Shannan Boone, SSA 
Vicki Brumback, SSA  
Ryan Ervin, SSA  
Lisa Erwin, SSA,  
Melissa Stryffeler-Toothman, SSA

Home and Community-Based Waivers
Medicaid is a federal program that allows eligible individuals with low income to receive needed health-related services. Funding is made possible with a combination of federal and state dollars. Services are unique to each State approved under what is called a State Plan.
Home and Community-based Waivers are Medicaid funding that provides additional services and supports to eligible individuals, beyond what is offered through the State Plan, to help individuals to live in community settings of their choice with supports instead of an institution. Funding is made possible through a combination of federal, state, and local levy dollars.

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities administers 3 waivers:
The Level 1 waiver allows for minimal paid support and relies heavily on natural supports assisting individuals to live in community settings of their choice with supports instead of living in an institution.
Currently, there are 13 individuals in Carroll County that have a Level 1 waiver.
Level 1 Wavier Handbook
The Self-Empowered Life Funding (SELF) waiver is Ohio's first participant-directed waiver. It lets people direct where and how they receive services, this is known as self-direction.
Currently, there are 3 individuals in Carroll County that have a SELF waiver.
SELF Handbook
The Individual Options (IO) waiver is a more comprehensive waiver which allows invdividuals to live in community settings of their choice with supports instead of living in an institution. The IO waiver has a higher funding limit and waiver services are developed in order to meet a person's invdividualized needs.
Carroll County currently has 78 Individuals with IO Waivers.
IO Waiver Handbook

Here is an easy read guide provided by Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities which explains each wavier.   Comparing DODD Waivers
If you have questions call 330-627-6555 or for more information go to the Ohio Department of DD website at Home and Community-Based Waivers

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