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The Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities is privatizing Carroll Hills Industries workshop services because of the 2014 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rule. The Federal Government will no longer pay for workshop services that County Boards provide and also provide case management services. This is considered a conflict of interest. Plans for the privatization of Carroll Hills Industries are moving forward with Edgar Barnett hired as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Barnett has been in contact with an architect to start the process of renovating Carroll Hills Industries building located on 1182 Roswell Road. The septic system was approved by the Environmental Protection Agency to expand for the projected 35 individuals and 10 staff. Mr. Barnett is also applying for provider certification for Carroll Hills Industries.

Management staff have met and will continue to meet to phase in changes of service. The current plan is to get on a contractor list to renovate the 540 North High Street building for County Board administrative staff, community employment staff and direct care staff for those who do not have Medicaid funding for adult services. Four individuals who receive adult services have already been moved to the 1182 Roswell Road location due to a team leader being hired as a job coach. We will be moving staff and individuals receiving services before January 1, 2018 to avoid moving people twice and so renovation can occur in both buildings.

Carroll Hills Industries, Inc. future location. CHI Habilitation Center and Administration Building are presently located on Roswell Road.

Carroll Hills Industries
Edgar Barnett, CEO  
1182 Roswell Rd. S.W.
Carrollton, OH 44615
Phone: 330-627-5524
Fax: 330-627-6605

Carroll Hills Industries

Edgar Barnett, CEO

Carroll Hills Industries, Inc. (CHI) is a non-profit organization that offers adult citizens with disabilities an opportunity for employment and community integration. CHI is in the process of becoming an independent private non-profit agency providing waiver services such as vocational, day services and transportation services. Our Person Centered approach will expand services so enrollees can experience various jobs to find out what best suits their unique skills, abilities and interests. I look forward to leading Carroll Hills Industries and providing the best personal and vocational opportunities for the enrollees served.

The adult enrollees in the Carroll Hills Industries participate in light assembly contract work plus shredding services. CHI Lawn Care provides mowing, trimming, weeding and leaf removal services to area businesses and private homes throughout the county. They also provides light janitorial services, office cleaning, restroom cleaning, floor care, trash removal, window cleaning, etc. for a few local businesses. CHI looks forward to continued success in preparing and supporting individuals to be contributing members of the community.

Carroll Hills Non-profit Board

Carroll Hills Industries is a non-profit organization that enters into an annual contract with the Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities to employ adult enrollees. CHI secures and manages contract work both at CHI and in the community from area businesses. CHI uses its earnings to pay enrollees wages and benefits, provide and purchase equipment, materials, vehicles and other necessities. CHI has an annual audit and monthly reports which are shared with the Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

CHI has a board of nine voting members representing a variety of businesses and industries in Carroll County. The Non-Profit Board meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of every month at Carroll Hills Administration building. CHI Director runs the day-to-day operations of CHI. The Director reports to the Carroll County Superintendent and the Carroll County Developmental Disabilities Board. CHI Non-Profit Board members are not paid for their services.

Carroll Hills Non-Profit Board Members:
Elaine Painting, President
Kelley Bryan Broadwater, V. President
Barbara Truman, Secretary/Treasurer
Linda Moore
Richard Jones
Tammy Sanderson
If interested in serving as a Non-Profit Board Member please contact CHI at 330-627-5524.