Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities

About Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Matt Campbell - (pictured)

We are a multi service program
for persons of all ages with developmental disabilities.

The members of Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities are unpaid volunteers who are appointed by the County Commissioners and Probate Judge. The Carroll County Board is made up of seven volunteers that must live in Carroll County. Five are appointed by the Carroll County Commissioners with 1 having to be a family member of someone eligible for adult services and one a family member of someone eligible for children services. Two members are appointed by the Carroll County Probate Judge and one must be a family member of a person eligible for residential services. Other qualifications include citizen of the United States of America, interested in developmental disabilities field, and professional training or expertise in finance, business management, law, health care, personnel administration, or government service.
If interested in serving on the board and live in Carroll County, you may print the application below or call Matt Campbell, Superintendent at 330-627-6555. Carroll Board Member Application. Return application to CCBDD, P.O. Box 429, Carrollton, OH 44615. Please print if interested in becoming a board member.


Front row: Raye Oheidhin, Becky Arbogast, Patti Gotschall
Back row; Emily Ulman, Sec.,
Byron Fairclough, Pres., and Atty. Jennifer Thomas, V. Pres.,

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities program to provide quality services to those living with developmental disabilities, supporting them, and their families to unlock their potential.

Our Vision

It is the vision of Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities to provide an integrated service system that promotes growth and personal satisfaction for both individuals and families.

Our Philosophy

The Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities recognizes that every person is granted certain freedoms and rights. The Board also recognizes that these inherent freedoms and rights are available to every person. They afford each consumer of our services the opportunity to become as independent and as capable of controlling their own lives as possible. It is to this end that the Board's services are aimed.

The uniqueness of each individual is reflected in the development of each consumer's habilitation and education plan within the CCBDD Programs. The concepts of "normalization" and "least restrictive environment" are implemented as integral parts of each program developed for consumers of our services.

The Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities also believes that one of the highest goals of normalization within its services is the enhancement of positive social roles of the individual. These normalization goals are achieved with the development of individualized programs, which reduce or prevent differences, which may lessen the value of the person in the eyes of the observer. The program also works with the community to change perceptions and values toward our clients so that mental retardation and developmental disabilities characteristics are no longer seen as devalued.

All services offered by the CCBDD are available without prejudice to age, race, national origin, sex, or physical or mental handicap. Delivery of programming and service is provided upon the results of unbiased comprehensive evaluation and individual needs assessment of all consumers.

Administrative Offices
P.O. Box 429
1182 Roswell Road N.W.
Carrollton, Ohio 44615
Carroll Hills
Family & Children's
Program Center
2167 Kensington Rd.
Carrollton, OH 44615
Carroll Hills Industries
540 North High Street
Carrollton, OH 44615