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Matt Campbell, Superintendent
Remarks on Transportation

Recently, I completed the Ohio Preservice School Bus Driver Training course held at East Central Ohio Educational Service Center in New Philadelphia. Rob Higgenbotham was the instructor over the 4 days of classes. I have a new appreciation for the job school bus driver professionals perform. Rob did a great job emphasizing the need for all bus drivers to pay attention and be safety oriented.
School bus drivers are required to have driving history record checks every two years, BCI&I and FBI background checks, physical exam, and drug and alcohol tests annually. Someone applying for a Commercial Driver's License to drive bus must complete the Ohio Preservice Training Program, purchase a permit packet at the Deputy Registrar, pass the permit test, complete at least 20 hours driving with an On Board Instructor, and then pass the Commercial Driving License skill test (driving test). The test administered by the State Highway Patrol examiner includes vision test of 20/40 with or without corrective lenses, general knowledge test, air brake test, passenger vehicle test, and school bus test. The Commercial Driver License test includes the pre-trip inspection, off-road maneuverability, and on-road test.
As you can see there are many safeguards in place to ensure bus drivers are healthy, well trained, good drivers, and law abiding citizens. The Board has a staff of great bus driving professionals. The Board also employs bus aides to ensure students' needs are met on each bus. Bus aides and drivers are trained in CPR and first aid. Some drivers and aides are trained as delegated staff for those students with special health needs. I am confident that our professional transportation staff understand that they are carrying the most important and precious cargo on the roads.
Another school year is coming to a close. I know I am biased but I believe our school provides a great service and a much needed service to the community. The teaching staff and classroom aides have done a great job helping students overcome behaviors and act as independently as possible. I know of several success stories where students are following bus rules now, performing well in each classroom, and have returned to their local school district.
Carroll Hills School is also doing a great job preparing students 14 years old and older to work. Students are continuing the Job Exploration and Training program by working on Mondays at Knickers and on Wednesdays at Ulman's Bakery. The Community Employment Program is currently in the process of interviewing students and adults to work in the community in June for the next round of Job Exploration and Training. Thank you local businesses for your support!

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